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From an early age, Jamie learned to appreciate and respect the bountiful gift of life and nature. As a child, Jamie, his brother and his father would camp and fish with a group centered around American Indian traditions. Thus deepening his understanding and connection to the sacred energy of the earth, animals, nature and human beings.

At the age of 37, Jamie suffered a series of accidents causing trauma,severe back injuries and intense painThe first injury occurred while hunting elk on horseback, in the town of Hell’s a Roaring, Montana. Jamie was thrown from his horse, while galloping down a vertical drop. Following the horseback accident, Jamie was rear ended by vehicles on three separate occasions. These injuries resulted in constant back pain due to him having crushed discs L4,L5,T7, and T9. All of this lead to a 7-year cycle of pain medication and failed rehabilitation.

Placed on an intense medication protocol of 1,000 mg of Morphine a day, combined with strong muscle relaxers, Jamie’s challenges were just beginning. At 5’8,” and normally weighing 160lbs, Jamie’s weight soared as his body stopped working. After four years, Jamie weighed in at 245 lbs., was suffering from kidney failure, and multiple cases of pneumonia. Jamie nearly died.

Bedridden and reaching his lowest point, Jamie began to pull himself out of the abyss. Motivated by his desire to be there for his triplet children who were born prematurely at 26 weeks having special needs, Jamie began to implement his passion for learning to find healing modalities that would work for his then limited mobility.

BioFlowPro was born from Jamie’s journey. Jamie successfully handled his addiction with frequency based modalities like meditation guided by biofeedback, neurofeedback, light therapy, music, natural movement practices of flow, and eating healthy foods and supplements; he used all of these as the pillars, upon which the BioFlowPro methodology was built. BioFlowPro integrates the heart, the brain and the breath into a unified practice to synergistically heal and optimize human performance.

Jamie is dedicated to sharing his experience and knowledge with those that seek a natural and effective solution for releasing pain as well as for those who just want to enhance and accelerate their mental and physical performance.

DNA Nutrition
Your body needs the proper nutritional support to function optimally and many people struggle with eating right or getting the right mixture of supplements. Jamie works with a company called Uforia to help you determine the nutritional support you need based on your unique DNA.

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