5 Mind Blowing Facts About Your Smartphone

Subscribe here: a Patreon:'s smartphones are not what they used to be even just a few years ago. Smartphones are the fastest growing industry in history but that's not all.. Watch and learn these amazing facts about the devices in your pocket!Launcher/ App used in no. 1: me for video editing: http://www.cfnstudios.comMusic: (DnB track) Vandera - Is it RealNOTE: Hey guys, massive apologies, number 2 should actually be 11.8 thousand km^2 not 11.8 million km^2. This equates to half the state of West Virgina. I slipped up the units in the calculation :/ Again huge apologies for the misinformation, it was purely accidental. Hope you enjoy the rest of the video. » Google + |» Facebook |» My music | or »» Twitter | @ColdfustionSources: infographics: