Transform Your Clinical Decisions with Actionable Genetic Information


Order DNA collection kits, place orders for patients; review, print or release reports. The portal provides genetic insights to drive your patient’s health outcomes.


Proprietary technology, 25 years in development; Präctrition translates your patient’s DNA into their very own, one of a kind, unique formula; utilizing almost 100 peer-reviewed ingredients.


All SNPs and recommendations are based on peer-reviewed research, to ensure the highest level of clinical validity. The Präctrition DNA lab is HIPAA compliant, CLIA Certified, and CAP Accredited.

How It Works


Inform your clients about the benefits of DNA testing and personalized designer nutrition.


Quickly and easily collect your patient's samples with the included buccal swabs.


Your patient's DNA is analyzed at our state-of-the-art CLIA certified and CAP accredited lab.


With a patented, state-of-the-art process, your patient’s unique formula is designed and manufactured.

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Your patients look to you for treatment. Now, you can look to your patient’s DNA to help them achieve optimal health.

The Präctrition program provides your patients with a detailed 35-page Wellness Report revealing their genetic SNPs, and the scientifically validated ingredients which amplify wellness through properly supporting specific nutritional needs.

You can now optimize patient engagement between visits while implementing an additional revenue stream.

What's in the DNA Repair Kit?

Prep Trition

PREPTrition™ Kit With 180 Veggie Caps


2 DNA Swabs


Präctrition™ DNA Test Kit

Supplement Facts

Statements Hereon Have Not Been Evaluated By The Food And Drug Administration. This Product Is Not Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure, Or Prevent Any Disease.

Instructions Card / Pre-Paid Return Envelope

DNA Swab Envelope

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Personalized DNA Report

Results that are easy to read and understand   
checkPersonal genetics assessment overview
  Ingredient details and dietary recommendations
  FAQ's about the customized nutritional formula

View Sample DNA Report

Your Personal Genetic Assessment
Results Analysis of Your 18 Key
Actionable SNPs

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Trusted By Health Care

The Präctrition DNA Test empowers your clinic to make a long-lasting impact in the health and longevity of your patients.


Advantages of the Präctrition™ DNA Test

Results You Can Trust

All Präctrition genetic tests meet the criteria for being scientifically valid.

All saliva samples are processed at our CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited lab.

Patient data will never be shared with or sold to third parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary purpose of the Präctrition program?

To provide licensed healthcare providers with a safe, cost-effective way of offering patients a long-term nutritional strategy to address specific, scientifically validated, and genetically driven predispositions for certain health-related outcomes. It also provides overall comprehensive nutritional support for general long-term wellness.

Which SNPs does Präctrition support?

While there are many genes and SNPs that have other implications and potential value to healthcare practitioners, the Präctrition program exclusively focuses on those scientifically validated genes and SNPs that can be successfully and appropriately supported nutritionally.

Why should patients have their DNA tested with Präctrition?

The Präctrition DNA test is HIPAA compliant, over 99.9% accurate, and fully integrated into this program, allowing a seamless and secure transition from test to formula to finished product.

How many SNPs are currently being tested for “actionable” supplementation?

There are currently 16 genes and a total of 18 SNPs (two different genes are tested for two different SNPs each) that are part of this program. However, there are a total of over 664,000 SNPs documented in the Präctrition DNA test, allowing for extraordinary expansion of the program as the science allows, without the need for re-testing any patients.

How many combinations of personal formula variations are there?

With the current 18 SNP DNA panel used by the Präctrition program, there is a total of almost 400 million possible combinations of formulas created by our proprietary algorithm. This means each patient’s formula is truly customized to their unique combination of SNPs.

How can I be sure my patient's DNA information is private and safe?

The Präctrition program is 100% HIPAA compliant. The physical samples are destroyed 60 days after tests are complete. Additionally, the laboratory storing each patient’s genetic data stores that data electronically, identified only by a random bar code number with no human identifiers. Only the limited data needed to manufacture a product is transferred to the manufacturing operation where the finished product can be properly manufactured, labeled and shipped to either your office or directly to that individual patient

Can I adjust a patient's formula by adding or removing ingredients?

Yes. Licensed healthcare practitioners are authorized to log into an individual patient’s formula and modify that formula within the limitations of ingredients and quantities provided by our program. Whereas our manufacturing operation could only assemble a product to a specific DNA panel, the licensed healthcare practitioner could further modify that formula to take into consideration other elements of a care plan, possible interactions with prescribed medications, potential food allergies, pregnancy, lactation, etc.

How is the DNA collected?

The Präctrition DNA sample is taken with a simple buccal swab which is provided with each Präctrition Starter Kit.

How accurate is the data?

Officially, over 99.9%. To date, there has never been a documented error found in any DNA test taken through the Präcrition program or any affiliated companies.

Is the Präctrition lab CLIA certified?

Yes. The laboratory used by the Präctrition program is both CLIA certified and CAP accredited, in addition to being HIPAA compliant.

What are the quality control measures for Präctrition ingredients?

Our entire operation is NSF Certified, accepted as the highest quality standard for food grade ingredients, handling, and processing in the world.

Are there any potential side effects?

Yes. While all of the nutritional ingredients provide significant value to your patients, there are a few where there may be an adjustment period desired to avoid things such as stomach upset, sleep disruption, or a sense of general malaise. Additionally, impact of any ingredients on medications should be taken into consideration. And finally, known food allergies should be addressed.

Where and how do I manage my Präctrition business?

Each participating account uses a unique branded login at Prä, which is a comprehensive dashboard that allows for the entry of new patients, processing their consent forms, accessing and managing patient records, as well as accessing each individual patient’s formula.

Where can I find the science supporting the Präctrition program?

Included in your back office will be access to the clinical references we use to support our selection of 1) genes, 2) SNPs, and 3) ingredients.

What are the boost ingredients?

The “boosts” are the ingredient(s) that have been scientifically validated to support health in the functional area of the gene in question. The existence of SNPs on that gene increase the predisposition of health-related problems in that area, and the boost ingredients are therefore specifically targeted to support health in those exact areas.

How do I customize the product for individual patients?

You would log into your Präctrition portal at Prä, access that patient’s formula, and simply select the boost ingredient(s) you wish to add, delete, increase or decrease and modify them within the parameters of our program. You are limited to manipulating those boost ingredients that are available in the program and in the quantities specified so that all combinations of ingredients in our program remain within FDA GRAS limits.

What is the future of Präctrition?

Exciting indeed! We have a research pipeline full of additional genes that meet the criteria for possible inclusion in our program which will lead to new panels and additional products. Additionally, clinical trials are scheduled to begin in late 2019 which will allow participating healthcare practitioners exciting opportunities to enroll patients and actively participate in the further development of this exciting new direction in healthcare – stressing and promoting long-term health and wellness in truly scientifically validated ways!

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