Jamie Mentzer is a qualified expert with personal experience in using numerous biofeedback products to enhance his healing experience and maximize his cognitive performance and sense of well-being. He has personally vetted three biofeedback devises and has developed his coaching and training program to maximize the benefits you will receive from working with them.

You may purchase these biofeedback devises either directly through Jamie, by visiting the manufacturer’s website or by ordering them online.


The Muse is a wearable device with EEG (electroencephalography) sensors that track your brainwave states. Light, flexible and comfortable, the Muse pairs with an app on your smartphone to make you aware of your brain activity in real time by using audio and visual cues, such as the sounds of waves and birds. It is manufactured by InteraXon.


The Spire wearable activity devise is being billed as a Fitbit for your mind. It syncs with your smartphone or tablet and keeps track of your breathing, which indicates whether you are in a state of calm, focus or tension. Designed by Stanford University’s Calming Technology Lab, it is perfect for helping you understand how mastering your breathwork impacts your mental states, including stress.


Based on ever-expanding knowledge about how the heart interacts with the brain, the HeartMath biofeedback devices help users develop coherence, which is an optimal physiological state in which stress is reduced, resilience is increased and emotional well-being is achieved. The HeartMath device measures Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which provides insight into the communication between the heart and the brain. Use of the HeartMath biofeedback technology enhances emotional control and self-regulation and has been tested in hundreds of independent studies.

DNA Nutrition is an innovative company that analyses your body’s unique DNA to create a personalized nutritional formula. The company takes the guesswork out of supplements by asking for a simple DNA sample, which is then sent to a HIPAA-certified lab for analysis. Based on the results, personalizes a nutritional supplement from a combination of more than 70 plant-based, high-quality ingredients, plus vitamins and minerals. With this program, you skip the numerous pills and packages and take something that is designed specifically to benefit your unique body chemistry and health needs.