Dr. Shalesh Kaushal
Dr. Shalesh Kaushal 
Chief Science Officer

Dr. Kaushal is the ÜFORIA Chief Science Officer and has an extensive understanding of both Pretrition and Ütrition ingredients. After obtaining his B.S. degree at Yale University in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry, Dr. Kaushal completed his M.D. at Johns Hopkins and his Ph.D. at MIT with Nobel laureate Dr. Har Gobind Khorana. Following his Ph.D., he completed his residency at the Doheny Eye Institute/USC Department of Ophthalmology and his surgical retina fellowship at the Washington University St. Louis/Barnes Retina Institute. While at the University of Florida, Dr. Kaushal was the Richardson II Chair and head of the retina division. He personally established the clinical and surgical retina division, recruited physicians, trained residents and surgical fellows, and mentored medical students of all levels.

Dr. Jen Myers

Dr. Jen Myers, Ph.D., DNM, DOM
Certified Genetic/Nutrigenetic Specialist

Dr. Myers is the ÜFORIA SNP expert and specializes in Nutrigenetic Medicine, testing individual SNPs based on the most important nutritional pathways to help support optimal health and wellness. She has been following her passion of the nutritional effects on our genes for the past 10 years. Prior to her journey into a genetic-based practice, she worked in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Endocrinology, and Dermatology. Realizing there is more to the “one size fits all” approach, she left her career and studies in traditional standard care to step outside the box for a more personalized approach. Dr. Jen has a vast understanding of the biochemical process to which nutrition effects our body and possible genetic variants. She is certified in Genomics, Nutrigenomics, Clinical Nutrition, and advanced DNA analysis and interpretation.

Dr. Jerome Dixon

Dr. Jerome Dixon D.O., M.N.S., FACOFP

Dr. Dixon is a 30 year veteran of the miracles of modern day medicine. As a fellow in health policy, he has watched medicine transform itself over his career. His journey into health and wellness began with his interest in nutrition in the 1980’s, when he completed 2 degrees in dietetics and nutritional biochemistry prior to entering medical school. He is a board certified family physician and has held certificates of added qualification in sports medicine, occupational medicine, clinical densitometry, and geriatrics. His practice of medicine has always embraced the importance of clinical nutrition, incorporating nutritional biochemistry & physiology and how it impacts human health and wellness. Dr. Dixon is a clinician who embraced nutrigenomics after the completion of the human genome project. His involvement with ÜFORIA Science, as a member of the Scientific Advisory Board, is consistent with his long-term aspiration of integrating the importance of nutritional concepts and wellness practices into the healthcare of America.

Stephen Bergquist
Stephen Bergquist MD CWSP

Stephen Bergquist is the Medical Director of the Wound Management Center in Jackson, TN. Editor of the Biomatrix & Multimedia Sections of the Wounds Journal and Podcast Host for Today’s Wound Clinic. Experienced Medical Director for over 30 years with a demonstrated successful history of working in the medical practice industry, including Healthcare Management, Clinical Research, Wound Management, & Neurofeedback. His focus on nutritional healing and lifestyle medicine align perfectly with ÜFORIA’s vision and mission. We are inspired by his ability to lead by example and maintain compassion as the foundational center of practice.

Thomas L. McKnight
Thomas L. McKnight, MD, MPH, MDIV

Tom McKnight joins ÜFORIA’s Scientific Advisory Board because of his clinical expertise in preventive medicine. He is board certified in both family and preventive medicine with a special interest in epigenetics and obesity. He is the author of Obesity Management in Family Practice. Dr. McKnight retired from the Air Force as a colonel, and was on faculty at two AF teaching programs. He was the Uniformed Services Academy of Family Physicians’ Physician of the Year and a finalist for the national American Academy of Family Physicians’ Physician of the Year. In private practice he was the founder and CEO of the Emerald Coast Health Institute. He is a graduate of the U. of Kentucky College of Medicine, U. of S. Carolina Masters in Public Health, and Princeton Theological Seminary Master of Divinity.

Brett Hawes
Brett Hawes, CNP, CFMP

Brett is a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Clinical Nutritionist & Holistic Health Practitioner based in Ontario, Canada. Holistic Nutrition, Functional Medicine and Iridology are cornerstones of his practice; he is also trained in Clinical Detoxification, Ayurvedic medicine, Energy Medicine and Body Talk. Brett was lead faculty at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition from 2007-2018, where he taught courses including Fundamentals of Nutrition, Nutrition and the Environment and Nutritional Symptomology. ÜFORIA welcomes Brett Hawes as he continues his dedication to education regarding Holistic Health and innovative health solutions such as Ütrition.

Joel Guerin
Joel Guerin

After completing a BA at Oberlin and an MBA at Syracuse University in 1971, Joel spent more than thirty years in senior management primarily of medical device manufacturing companies, including ten years as the president of the Medical Division of Tempur-Pedic, Inc. during its formative years. Joel’s concentrated focus on health and wellness utilizing genetics began in 2008 when he was introduced to the science that has become ÜFORIA. After spending a lifetime in various capacities in the healthcare marketplace, Joel considers his top career achievement to have been his last decade helping to develop this process for bringing genetically guided nutrition to the masses. He looks forward to his service on the ÜFORIA Scientific Advisory Board to further that goal.